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Our expert mentors guide students through every step of the process, from acquiring marketable skills to securing their dream job.

Are you confused about which technology to choose?
Are you confused about how the IT industry works?
Are you confused about how to prepare for the interviews or how the interviews are conducted in the IT industry?

Then here is the end to your confusion. TechNishal will help you clear your confusion by guiding through each step from choosing the right technology to work with, teaching you the technology, providing hand-on experience in the same technology , building projects and portfolio , Resume building and Placement Assistance.

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Popular Courses

Get The Best Courses &
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React is an open-source, component based library used to develop user interfaces that improves the speed of the application. Node is an open source and cross platform runtime environment used for executing javascript code outside of the browser.

React and Node both are widely used technologies in modern web development. Learning Node and React can benefit Students in many ways. Learning these technologies can provide good job opportunities , better career growth, portfolio building and efficiency.

It is an instructor-led course in which students will get offline training of the course with the doubt solving sessions and practical implementation of the technology.The course also provides the placement assistance.

No, there are no prerequisites to enroll in this course. Training will be provided by the instructors for the respective courses.

Yes, we do provide placement assistance for all the students enrolled in the course.

TechNishal provides offline training for React and Node in which students can get complete training of the course with practical implementation which helps them build a portfolio and resume. TechNishal also provides the placement assistance and doubt solving sessions for the students enrolled in the course. TechNishal will conduct mock interviews for the students to gain confidence and get good placements.

Why Join TechNishal ?

TechNishal ensures guiding you through the right technologies which helps you enhance your career in IT industry.

  • Hands-On Practice of the technology.
  • Proper understanding of theory as well as practical concept of the technology. 
  • Resume Building.
  • Mock Interviews for Interview Practice.
  • Placement Assistance.